The Sun Sets on Tonido

14 years ago, we set out to create the first personal cloud platform with a mission of keeping your data truly yours: Tonido.

Your feedback, support, and continued encouragement shaped Tonido's development. Over the years, we expanded capabilities with solutions like TonidoPlug, a "cloud-in-a-plug" NAS for small businesses. We offered unlimited storage, powerful data security, and ease-of-access from anywhere and any device.

Eventually, Tonido grew into a full-fledged, enterprise-class solution we named FileCloud, a hyper-secure, compliance-friendly file sharing and sync platform that serves thousands of enterprises and millions of customers around the globe.

Tonido was a labor of love that enabled us to grow as a team, to challenge our skills, and to discover new insights and possibilities. After all these years and an exceptional journey, it is a a difficult moment for us to say that Tonido's story ends here.

Tonido software and web access will continue to work in your LAN. However, we recommend switching to FileCloud community edition and setting up dynamic port forwarding to access data from your storage going forward.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

The Tonido Team